About Me

Unal Patel is a dedicated software engineer based in San Jose, California. In addition to building a successful career in software development, Unal has continued developing his interests outside of work. For example, he is a passionate philanthropist dedicated to giving back to the community. He also loves music and spending time with those who share his passion for creating songs. Learn more about this modern renaissance man below.

Current Role & Duties

Unal Patel is currently a senior software engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc., a multinational technology company based in San Jose, California. Although he works from home, Unal is also based in the San Jose area. He enjoys being a Silicon Valley professional specializing in software development and other high technology services.

With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Unal Patel is a rising star who continues to receive promotions and increasing responsibility at Cisco. On more than one occasion, Unal has been recognized for individual and team awards, such as Customer Service Excellence and Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations, and he has also been tapped to attend client-facing meetings as a subject matter expert.

Keep reading to learn more about Unal’s career history, awards, charitable involvement and interest

Career History

Prior to coming onboard at Cisco, Unal Patel worked with three friends to launch, grow and sell a small startup focused on building apps for nonprofit organizations. The company, NextApp Nonpro, built software to allow nonprofit organizations to collect feedback and donations from subscribers.

Prior to starting NextApp Nonpro, Unal Patel worked as an intern for a digital marketing firm. He was selected from more than 100 candidates and handled website programming tasks requiring Java, C++, C, Sharepoint and HTML. In this paid role, e averaged 20 to 25 hours a week while maintaining a GPA of 3.7.

Unal Patel is proud of the work he did redesigning the company’s internet and intranet pages. He learned about the importance of SEO when optimizing web designs to rank highly on SERPs.

Academic History

Unal Patel thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor’s of science in computer science in 2009. While attending the university, he participated in intramural soccer and lacrosse and joined several clubs the tied into his interest, such as computing, math, science and environmental sustainability.

Currently, Unal Patel is pursuing his master’s degree in business administration. One day, Unal hopes to launch another startup focusing on the nonprofit sector. Completing his MBA will allow him to take one step closer toward that goal.

Professional Skills and Experience

Unal Patel has both hard and soft skills that make him an asset at his current job. Regarding programming and languages, he has expert-level skills in VB.Net; ASP.Net; C#; C; C++; Python, Visual Basic; VBA, Java; SharePoint; MySQL; HTML; PHP; and Ant. Many of these programs were learned outside the classroom either as part of his own desire to improve his skill set or to perform his job more effectively.

Unal Patel also has solid database management skills in MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle. When it comes to design tools, Unal has mastered Rational Rose, UML, and Oracle WebLogic Server, to name a few. He is also familiar with both Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS operating systems.

Philanthropy/Charitable Involvement

Unal Patel believes in giving back to the community. For several years he has worked with local philanthropies, including the boys and Girls Club of America. Unal enjoys working with children and setting an example for the next generation. He has also worked as a camp counselor and served as a mentor to teens while attending college.

Accomplishments and Awards

Unal Patel is an Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer or OCPJP and he has one several service awards for performance and customer satisfaction.

As a Certified Specialist in Java Programming, he has the skills needed to build scalable Java applications. He applies Test Driven Development to resolve architectural problems and produce robust applications.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

When he isn't programming or planning his next project, Unal Patel enjoys playing cricket with his friends. Unal is a fun-loving, friendly person who enjoys meeting new people through his hobbies. He also roots on his favorite soccer and football teams while spending time with his family.

Unal Patel also keeps up with the latest happenings in the industry by following several blogs and websites geared toward software developers. For example, he has dedicated his services to a local outreach program by building and maintaining their website pro bono. This work allows him to expand his skills while performing a crucial function for an important nonprofit organization.

Whenever possible, Unal Patel travels to see live music. His preferred genres vary but include rap and jazz. As a high school and college student, Unal took piano and guitar lessons and still occasionally jams with fellow musicians."


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